Recovery During the Holidays: Navigating Triggers and Staying Sober

Relapsing is one of the greatest threats to your sobriety. About 40-60% of people treated for substance use disorders relapse. It can be especially difficult for individuals in recovery during the holidays as they may be exposed to old triggers that run the risk of potentially jeopardizing their sobriety. Although the holidays are a fun time to spend with friends and family, keep reading to learn more about the tips you can use to support your recovery during the holidays.

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9 Tips to Support Your Recovery During the Holidays

  1. Seek Extra Support Around the Holidays

Consider joining a support group or seeking help from other addiction recovery resources around the holidays to support your recovery. This is because you’ll likely be exposed to more old triggers and situations that can put your sobriety at risk.

  1. Create Manageable Goals

Create goals to ensure you maintain your recovery during the holidays. For example, if you are attending a holiday party and are worried you’ll be exposed to triggers and urges, consider making a goal to attend for an hour and/or leave as soon as you experience any cravings. 

  1. Have an Exit Strategy for Gatherings/ Events

Similarly, if you know you are going to be attending holiday parties or events that may bring up old triggers, consider having an exit strategy in place. In other words, don’t attend a holiday party without a plan in place as to how you’ll get back home. Consider driving yourself to the holiday party rather than counting on someone else. 

  1. Ask for Support from Friends and Family

If you feel comfortable, consider seeking extra support from close family and friends. You don’t have to feel like you are all on your own during the holidays when it comes to maintaining your recovery. 

  1. Practice Self Care

Make sure to maintain any self care routines you may have. Whether it be journaling or walking, be sure to take time for yourself so you can balance your stress levels and help reduce your risk of relapsing during the holidays. 

  1. Create a Plan When You Experience Triggers

Again, plans are critical to maintaining your recovery during the holidays. Consider leaning on healthy coping strategies if you experience triggers to fall back into old unhealthy habits. 

  1. Stay Positive and Be Kind to Yourself

Although the holidays are a fun time to gather together with loved ones, the holidays can sometimes be stressful. Therefore, be sure to be kind to yourself and maintain positive self-talk.

  1. Exercise and Practice Healthy Habits 

It’s also essential to maintain healthy habits during the holiday season. From consistently exercising to maintaining a healthy diet, your healthy habits will ensure you keep a healthy mind and body to further help you maintain your sobriety. 

  1. Set Boundaries

Last but not least, be sure to set healthy boundaries with yourself and others. For example, if you are a recovering alcoholic and you know you will be too overwhelmed by old triggers if you are in a situation that involves drinking, consider setting boundaries like not attending the party/event. 

Top-Rated Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Arizona 

The holidays are a fun time to gather together with friends and family. However, exposure to old triggers and situations can put your sobriety during the holidays at risk. From practicing self-care to implementing an exit strategy during holiday parties and gatherings, there are several ways you can support your recovery during the holidays to maintain your sobriety.
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