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Addiction is a treatable but complex disease requiring a specialized approach to help you achieve recovery. If you’re looking for an expert-led addiction treatment program, there are a few things to consider. First, is the program evidence-based? Second, does it offer a continuum of care, and third, is it holistic in its approach?

These are all features of Terra Nova Treatment’s rehab programs. We are nearby if you’re searching for a Cottonwood drug and alcohol rehab center specializing in a full continuum of care that includes both inpatient and outpatient programs.

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The Effects of Addiction

When someone first tries a substance with addictive potential, it’s not likely they think they will become dependent on it. Many people can use the same substance and never develop an addiction, so why do some?

Substances such as opioids, stimulants, and alcohol can all affect dopamine and other brain neurotransmitters. They affect reward centers in the brain, and once these are triggered, they can lead to a feedback loop that compels someone to keep using the substance. When an addiction develops, people no longer use drugs or alcohol to feel high or because they want to. Their use isn’t in their control.

Compulsive drug use is one of the defining characteristics of an addiction, a chronic brain disease. Once addiction occurs, a person’s brain is impacted, as are their physical health and often every other area of their lives.

Careers, families, relationships, and finances can all be destroyed by active addiction. Other complexities play a role in treatment.  For example, around half of all people with mental health conditions also have substance issues, and vice versa. The mental health condition should be treated simultaneously as the addiction for the best recovery outcomes, known as dual diagnosis treatment.

If you’re looking for a drug rehab center in Cottonwood or nearby, Terra Nova Treatment offers in-depth and comprehensive treatment programs that include care for co-occurring mental health disorders.

Signs of Addiction

While the signs and symptoms of a substance use disorder can depend on the person and the substance, broadly, some indicators of problem use include:

  • Being unable to control the use of the substance.
  • Not being able to quit or cut back, even when there’s a desire to.
  • Using larger amounts of the substance.
  • Developing a tolerance and needing larger amounts to get the same effect.
  • Using the substance despite known negative consequences.
  • Using the substance becomes the number one priority and focus.
  • Withdrawal symptoms occur if attempting to cut back or stop.

Terra Nova Treatment is a nearby Cottonwood drug and alcohol rehab center that offers a range of treatment services to help you begin a life in recovery.

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What Are the Most Addictive Drugs?

Some of the most frequently misused and most addictive drugs include:

  • Heroin is an illegal opioid that’s made from morphine. Heroin is part of the opioid epidemic and can be injected, smoked, or snorted.
  • Cocaine is a stimulant that’s addictive and quickly raises dopamine levels for an intense but short-lived high.
  • Too often, we see alcohol as harmless because it’s legal, but it can lead to a deadly addiction. Alcohol releases dopamine into the brain, and it can cause not only addiction but severe and even deadly withdrawal symptoms.
  • Benzodiazepines are prescription drugs, including Valium and Xanax, for treating insomnia and anxiety. They can be addictive and are often combined with other substances, leading to a higher risk of overdose.
  • Crystal meth use declined in the U.S. long before surging again. Crystal meth is a type of methamphetamine that’s incredibly potent and also dangerous. Crystal meth can lead to psychosis and violence at high levels, and it’s extremely habit-forming. 
  • Prescription opioids act on the brain and body similarly to heroin, and they are central to the ongoing opioid epidemic.

When comparing addiction treatment centers in Cottonwood, finding one with experience treating your particular type of addiction is important. 

Many people also have polysubstance addictions. While treating multiple addictions simultaneously is more challenging, a professional rehab program can still help you achieve sobriety and recovery.

Terra Nova Treatment provides intensive rehab programs for all types of addiction and is nearby if you’re looking for a Cottonwood drug and alcohol rehab center.

Paying for Treatment

We Work With Most Major Insurance

Terra Nova Behavioral Health works with most major insurance carriers to help cover most of the costs associated with treatment at our program. Get a free insurance verification right now to find out your personal options for treatment.

Stories of Recovery

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"TNBH has been the best addiction treatment experience by far. After several attempts at other addiction centers with our loved one, this one has exceeded our expectations in every way. Everyone has been very loving and helpful and honest. They are always available to answer any questions. We have been very impressed with this program and would recommend it to anyone."

"The staff is great to work with and it is easy to see how much they care about providing quality treatment. Jake responds quickly when my staff and I need him and he has helped many of our patients detox and get back to our facility with zero issues."

"Everything about TNBH was fantastic! The staff were all amazing and really do care about the clients! This place changed my life forever! So much so that after going through treatment here it motivated me to get a job working in treatment to help others in recovery like they did for me!"

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What To Expect During Rehab

If you’re searching for Cottonwood addiction treatment or alcohol rehab in Cottonwood for yourself or a loved one, you may wonder what the rehab process is like.

No two people are the same, nor are their needs in a rehab program. It’s important to look for a center that individualizes treatment plans for every person.

While the specifics can vary, the treatment path may look something like the following:

  • The first stage of treatment is usually a medical detox. During this time, a client receives 24/7 medical monitoring and treatment as needed. The goal is to reduce potential withdrawal complications and cravings, keeping the client safe and comfortable so they can begin rehab with a clean slate, free of toxins and substances.
  • An inpatient addiction treatment program is residential. You live onsite for a period of time, where you participate in group and individual counseling as well as other therapeutic activities. The environment is highly controlled and structured, alleviating chaos which is best in the earliest days of recovery.
  • Outpatient treatment programs vary quite a bit in intensity and time commitment. Some people might start with an outpatient program, especially one that’s more intensive, like a partial hospitalization program (PHP) or intensive outpatient program (IOP). There are also very flexible outpatient programs that allow you to continue your daily obligations while retaining support from your treatment team.
  • Aftercare and relapse prevention planning are part of the treatment that helps you as you return to your daily life. You can use your newly developed coping skills to deal with stress or real-world challenges.

If you’re looking for a nearby Cottonwood drug and alcohol rehab center, Terra Nova Treatment offers all the above care levels in a safe and comfortable environment.

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The Continuum of Care

We tend to think about rehab as a one-time situation. In reality, recovery is meant to be lifelong, and a continuum-of-care approach to treatment tends to support that goal best. 

A continuum of care means that you begin with a high level of treatment. You work into less intensive and structured care levels as you’re ready. Research shows this is the most effective way to treat addiction.

Terra Nova Treatment specializes in a continuum-of-care approach for clients. Each program is customized to your unique needs. Please contact us today if you’d like to learn more for yourself or a loved one.