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Addiction is a difficult disease but treatable with the right care and approach. In recent decades, we’ve learned much about addiction science, its effects on the brain and body, and how to effectively provide treatment to achieve lifelong recovery.

If you’re looking for a Flagstaff drug and alcohol rehab center, Terra Nova Treatment provides evidence-based addiction treatment in a comfortable, compassionate environment.

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Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

Addiction is a severe substance use disorder. It’s complicated, and everyone’s situation can be different, but addiction is generally known as a chronic condition affecting many aspects of your life. When you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it affects your mental and physical health, career, and relationships.

Addiction is considered a chronic condition, meaning while it’s lifelong and not necessarily curable, it’s very treatable. The American Society of Addiction Medicine says addiction is a chronic brain disorder. It doesn’t come from a lack of personal willpower. Rather, addiction changes the chemistry of your brain. As with other chronic conditions, addiction is progressive and worsens over time the longer it goes untreated.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), published by the American Psychiatric Association, sets the criteria for diagnosing a substance use disorder.

Some of the substances that people are most often addicted to include:

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Sedatives, such as benzodiazepines
  • Prescription opioids like codeine and oxycodone
  • Non-prescription opioids like heroin
  • Prescription stimulants like Adderall
  • Illegal stimulants, including methamphetamine and cocaine

There are differences in the effects of all these substances, yet they all activate the brain’s reward center strongly and create pleasurable and even euphoric feelings. That reward center activation is why these substances can be addictive.

The signs and symptoms of addiction to a substance include:

  • Developing a tolerance and needing more substance over time to feel the same effects experienced initially.
  • Not being able to stop using a substance even when attempting to.
  • Being deceptive or lying about substance use, or trying to hide it.
  • An intense focus on the substance takes attention away from other aspects of a person’s life.
  • A loss of control over substance use.
  • Having problems in relationships, work, or other areas of life because of substance use.
  • Withdrawal symptoms occur when cutting back or stopping.

There’s not one single cause of addiction. It’s complex, and a big part of the development relates to your brain chemistry and the changes it goes through with exposure to certain substances.

As humans, we are wired to want to seek rewards. These rewards can come from healthy behaviors, like eating a great meal. Your body releases dopamine in response, so you feel pleasure. You continue seeking out rewarding experiences because they make you feel good. Unfortunately, substances create huge dopamine surges much greater than natural stimuli can. You’re then motivated to continue using those substances as a result.

Addiction can arise from changes in brain chemistry, genetics, and environmental factors. There’s a strong association between mental health conditions and addiction too. Around half of people with a mental health condition also have a substance use disorder.

Terra Nova Treatment is a solution if you’re seeking a drug rehab center in Flagstaff. Our center is the best Flagstaff addiction treatment facilities, offering comprehensive, research-backed care in an expert-led environment.

The Continuum of Care Approach

If you’re looking for a drug rehab center in Flagstaff or alcohol rehab in Flagstaff, Terra Nova Treatment is nearby. We offer a continuum-of-care approach to treating addiction.

When you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, a continuum of care approach means you start with an intensive treatment level first. You gradually move into lower care levels, but only when you’re ready, following your personal timeline. 

Medical Detox

This first level of treatment may be a medical detox. You receive medical care and supervision as you withdraw during a medical detox. 

Withdrawal symptoms range from uncomfortable to life-threatening. A medical detox puts you in a safe environment where care can be given to improve your comfort level, increasing the chance of making it through withdrawal and going on to your next level of care.

You can receive medications as needed during medical detox programs and begin your treatment journey with a clean slate.

Inpatient Rehab 

For many people, the next phase of treatment is residential rehab. If you're looking for a Flagstaff drug and alcohol rehab center, you might choose one that offers onsite medical detox and inpatient rehab in the same facility, easing the transition.

Inpatient treatment has the unique advantage of taking you out of your substance use environment and away from stress and triggers. Inpatient rehab puts your sole focus on healing and recovery.

Nearby for anyone seeking a Flagstaff drug and alcohol rehab center, Terra Nova Treatment has inpatient onsite programs available.

Outpatient Rehab 

Once you complete a residential rehab program, several steps could come next, depending on your treatment plan.

For example, partial hospitalization programs can be a starting point in your treatment plan or a step down from inpatient rehab. Intensive outpatient programs are also an option. They are between an inpatient and a traditional outpatient program.

Once someone is ready, they can explore their new coping strategies and build on the foundations of their recovery in an outpatient program. Outpatient programs give you a high degree of autonomy and flexibility.

Aftercare Planning 

After outpatient rehab is completed, you might be connected with resources in your local community, such as 12-step programs or therapists. This is known as relapse prevention and aftercare planning.

When you begin a recovery journey, it's not easy. It's incredibly challenging to achieve sobriety, but maintaining it outside of a treatment environment can be even more difficult. That's why we take every step to ensure clients are prepared to re-enter their daily lives following a full continuum of care.

Paying for Treatment

We Work With Most Major Insurance

Terra Nova Behavioral Health works with most major insurance carriers to help cover most of the costs associated with treatment at our program. Get a free insurance verification right now to find out your personal options for treatment.

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"TNBH has been the best addiction treatment experience by far. After several attempts at other addiction centers with our loved one, this one has exceeded our expectations in every way. Everyone has been very loving and helpful and honest. They are always available to answer any questions. We have been very impressed with this program and would recommend it to anyone."

"The staff is great to work with and it is easy to see how much they care about providing quality treatment. Jake responds quickly when my staff and I need him and he has helped many of our patients detox and get back to our facility with zero issues."

"Everything about TNBH was fantastic! The staff were all amazing and really do care about the clients! This place changed my life forever! So much so that after going through treatment here it motivated me to get a job working in treatment to help others in recovery like they did for me!"

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When looking for a Flagstaff drug and alcohol rehab center, there are a few key things to consider.  

  • First,  is it an evidence-based center? This means that every treatment plan is built around the needs of the individual but based on science and research.
  • Does the treatment center offer a full continuum of care so you can begin lower care levels only as you’re ready?
  • Is the Flagstaff addiction treatment center in-network with your insurance provider?

If you’re ready to find a Flagstaff drug and alcohol rehab center for yourself or your loved one, and it’s time to take the next step toward recovery, please contact our team. Terra Nova Treatment offers personalized inpatient and outpatient programs, and we can answer your questions.