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Terra Nova Treatment is a Mesa drug and alcohol rehab center offering a full continuum of addiction treatment options, from detox to outpatient care. While other addiction treatment centers in Mesa might offer some specific programs, our facility features programming that spans all parts of the recovery process to meet our client’s needs in one place.

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Not all addiction recovery treatment centers are created equal. Research shows that specific factors can influence client success rates and the efficacy of the treatment a facility provides, which means that the best options should take care to offer up-to-date and industry-leading care.

For example, studies and data show that the most effective treatment centers:

At Terra Nova Treatment, we strive to be the top Mesa drug and alcohol rehab center by ticking these boxes and more as we deliver the highest-quality care to our clients.

What We Offer at Our Mesa Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

Our Mesa drug and alcohol rehab center offers a full continuum of care for those seeking addiction treatment. We’re here to provide support and resources from the beginning of a person’s recovery to the very end.

Medical Detox

The first step of a successful treatment plan is abstinence, but for many, this can only be achieved under the supervision of medical professionals. Trying to stop using some substances, like alcohol or benzodiazepines, alone can lead to serious health consequences or intense withdrawals.

The detoxification services at our drug rehab center in Mesa allow clients to step away from substance use in a safe, monitored environment. This means they can enter treatment with a clear mind without risking their health.

Residential Inpatient

Once detoxification is complete, clients at our Mesa drug and alcohol rehab center can proceed to our most intensive level of care: inpatient treatment. During this program, clients reside at our facility 24/7 for a set time period to focus wholly on their recovery. Individual or group therapy services and other activities designed to help clients prepare for the challenges ahead take precedence, and round-the-clock supervision allows clients to begin navigating sober life with an appropriate level of support.

Partial Day

The next step down from inpatient care is our partial hospitalization program. Clients can return to home but are still asked to commute to our facility each day to perform specified treatment tasks and keep up with their program. This acts as a gentle transition from full-time care to daily life, providing clients with regular opportunities to check in and seek further support if necessary.


Clients who are ready to take another step back from our facility can participate in our intensive outpatient program. Our intensive outpatient Mesa addiction treatment still asks clients to participate in a certain number of treatment sessions or hours each week but also allows them to return home and engage with other responsibilities, such as work or school.

Finally, for clients who have successfully navigated higher levels of care, our outpatient treatment provides a safe space to continually pursue treatment goals while also managing the realities of daily life. Clients attend at least one treatment session per week as designated by their individualized plan to check in, update goals, and discuss challenges or triggers they experience.

Treatment Options

Why A Full Continuum of Care for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Mesa Matters

Not all addiction treatment centers in Mesa offer a full continuum of care as Terra Nova Treatment does; our facility makes it possible to progress through each step of recovery at the same place and with the support of the same trusted staff. 

Being able to progress through each level of care in the same place matters has benefits like:

  • Helping Clients Establish a Community. When clients communicate with peers and staff regularly and consistently, they can begin to feel like a part of something bigger than themselves. Learning from the experiences of others can make treatment much more approachable and effective in the long term.
  • Providing a Sense of Stability. Overcoming addiction is stressful enough on its own. Having to seek multiple treatment centers as you progress through recovery can be costly, time-consuming, and frustrating. 

Leaving Opportunity for Adapting. Because multiple levels of care are available in one place, clients whose needs change or demand a different approach can still find support without having to turn to a new facility.

Paying for Treatment

We Work With Most Major Insurance

Terra Nova Behavioral Health works with most major insurance carriers to help cover most of the costs associated with treatment at our program. Get a free insurance verification right now to find out your personal options for treatment.

Stories of Recovery

What Our Clients Say

"TNBH has been the best addiction treatment experience by far. After several attempts at other addiction centers with our loved one, this one has exceeded our expectations in every way. Everyone has been very loving and helpful and honest. They are always available to answer any questions. We have been very impressed with this program and would recommend it to anyone."

"The staff is great to work with and it is easy to see how much they care about providing quality treatment. Jake responds quickly when my staff and I need him and he has helped many of our patients detox and get back to our facility with zero issues."

"Everything about TNBH was fantastic! The staff were all amazing and really do care about the clients! This place changed my life forever! So much so that after going through treatment here it motivated me to get a job working in treatment to help others in recovery like they did for me!"

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If you or a loved one might benefit from visiting a comprehensive and client-focused Mesa drug and alcohol rehab center, look no further than Terra Nova Treatments. We take pride in offering leading and empowering drug and alcohol rehab in Mesa and the surrounding areas to help our communities grow stronger and healthier. 

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