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PTSD Treatment in Arizona

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is the name of an illness that sometimes occurs as a result of serious trauma exposure. Its four groupings of symptoms combine to produce distressing thoughts and feelings that hinder your daily function. In response to them, you may start drinking or using drugs. You may also worsen an existing pattern of substance use. Both situations can lead to a dual diagnosis of PTSD and substance use disorder (SUD).

A dual diagnosis that includes PTSD is treatable with the right kinds of professional help. Effective treatment not only focuses on lessening your trauma-related distress. In addition, it focuses on the symptoms produced by your substance problem. This unified approach is essential to avoiding the heightened level of harm that comes with a dual diagnosis. 

Need an Arizona PTSD treatment center that provides modern drug and alcohol rehab services? Call on the regional specialists at Terra Nova Behavioral Health. We’re dedicated to providing the state’s residents with comprehensive rehab options for all manner of substance problems. We’re also dedicated to providing the additional resources you need to recover from PTSD. What’s more, you can undertake your recovery in luxurious surroundings that help you focus on your treatment goals.

Terra Nova Behavioral Health is a dual diagnosis treatment center in Arizona that can help with mental health and addiction treatment.

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Essential PTSD Facts

If you’ve gone through a traumatic experience, you understand the distress they can cause. Not only can they erode your typical sense of stability and wellness, but they can also make you notably less functional in daily life. In most cases, a traumatic event’s effects fade the further you get away from the day you experienced it. But if you continue to feel distressed and destabilized at least 30 days later, you may have PTSD.

The general effects of this disorder are the same for everyone. They include at least one form of all of the following:

  • A hyper-alert or over-aroused mental state
  • The increased presence of negative moods and thought patterns
  • Intrusive memories that bring your past trauma back into your current reality
  • Avoidance behavior that you use to try and escape those memories

Each of these problems can manifest in a variety of ways. For this reason, PTSD’s specific effects can vary quite a bit. 

Like many, you may first develop symptoms within a roughly three-month period following your trauma exposure. But they can also arise at any point beyond this common timeframe. In addition, you may experience significant symptoms before you reach the 30-day minimum for a PTSD diagnosis. If so, you could have acute stress disorder (ASD), a closely related condition. 

To find out more about PTSD and its broad range of possible symptoms, consult the staff at Terra Nova today.

PTSD and Dual Diagnosis

The combination of PTSD and substance use disorder is quite common. In fact, it affects roughly half of all men diagnosed with posttraumatic stress. More than a quarter of all women with PTSD are also affected by an SUD sooner or later. 

There is no single pathway to a dual diagnosis that includes substance problems and PTSD. You may develop posttraumatic stress first and run into problems after self-medicating with drugs or alcohol. But you may also develop an SUD first, and thereby increase your chances of responding poorly to trauma. 

The specifics of your PTSD or substance problem can also exert their influence. For example, you may have higher risks for an SUD if you have certain kinds of PTSD symptoms. In turn, problems with certain substances may increase your PTSD exposure.

Consult us today for more on the dual diagnosis risks that come with PTSD.

How Our Arizona PTSD Treatment Center Helps With Dual Diagnosis

The term dual diagnosis is not unique to PTSD. Instead, it applies to all cases where substance problems and other mental disorders occur in combination. No matter the two specific illnesses affecting you, this combination can:

  • Magnify the severity of your drug or alcohol problems
  • Similarly increase the severity of your other mental health issue
  • Lead to a higher level of dysfunction than either condition would separately produce

Given these facts, it’s no wonder that extensive treatment is needed to support dual diagnosis recovery. The key principle of this treatment is coordinated recovery. In other words, your SUD treatment must work hand in hand with your mental disorder recovery. 

At Terra Nova Behavioral Health, we understand the needs of PTSD treatment for those with a dual diagnosis. From the time you arrive, you benefit from a consolidated care plan. This plan helps ensure that all PTSD treatments you receive mesh well with your treatments for SUD.

Have more questions about dual diagnosis recovery at our Arizona PTSD treatment center? Get them answered by contacting us today.

Paying for Treatment

We Work With Most Major Insurance

Terra Nova Behavioral Health works with most major insurance carriers to help cover most of the costs associated with treatment at our program. Get a free insurance verification right now to find out your personal options for treatment.

Treatment Approaches

Trauma-Informed Therapy and Other PTSD Treatment Options

Therapy is the most essential treatment option for short- and long-term PTSD recovery. Most PTSD therapy is trauma-focused or trauma-informed. This means that it focuses specifically on helping you heal from past traumatic experiences. Much of the PTSD therapy you receive at Terra Nova follows a cognitive behavioral model. In other words, it fosters beneficial changes in the ways you think, feel and act. Trauma-informed therapy options that take this approach include:

  • Prolonged exposure therapy
  • Cognitive processing therapy

Importantly, therapies like these do more than address the effects of PTSD. Research shows that they also support recovery from substance problems. To help control certain PTSD symptoms, we may also include medication in your treatment plan. In addition, we may include other kinds of dual diagnosis options. Consult us today for more details.

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"The staff is great to work with and it is easy to see how much they care about providing quality treatment. Jake responds quickly when my staff and I need him and he has helped many of our patients detox and get back to our facility with zero issues."

"Everything about TNBH was fantastic! The staff were all amazing and really do care about the clients! This place changed my life forever! So much so that after going through treatment here it motivated me to get a job working in treatment to help others in recovery like they did for me!"

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