Top Common Fears in Recovery

Fear is a common emotion that everyone faces. Whether it is fear surrounding uncertainty or fear involving a new change or relationship unfolding in your life, we all experience fear to a certain extent. Although overcoming addiction and maintaining sobriety can be exciting, it’s normal to feel a sense of fear in recovery. Keep reading to explore a list of fears in recovery you may experience, and discover how you can overcome your fear to lead a happier life.

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4 Common Fears in Recovery

Fear is a normal emotion that everyone experiences, including those in recovery. It’s not uncommon to feel fear in recovery; however, you shouldn’t let your fear of sobriety prevent you from overcoming your addiction. Below are several common fears in recovery that many individuals recovering from substance abuse experience. 

  1. Fear of Change

Many people fear change and the unfamiliar, even if the unfamiliar is a positive outcome. Therefore, many people struggling with addiction may want to quit using drugs or get sober, but they may be scared about how they’ll change once they are sober. This is because many people struggling with addiction are so familiar with the reality of living with addiction that they don’t know who they’ll be without abusing drugs or alcohol. 

As a result, this fear of change, or who you’ll become throughout your recovery journey, can lead many people struggling with addiction to shy away from seeking professional support because they’re afraid they won’t know who they are without substance use and are scared of the unfamiliar. 

  1. Fear of Abandonment

Next, many individuals fear that their loved ones will reject or abandon them once they admit that they are struggling with drug addiction and seeking help to overcome addiction. While you are only in control of your own thoughts and behaviors, it’s important to realize that many friends and family members will be right by your side supporting you on your journey to sobriety– not judging or abandoning you. Individuals in your life who truly love and care about you and your well-being will be there to support you no matter what, even during your hardest seasons in life. 

  1. Fear of Relapsing or ”Failure”

Many people struggling with addiction also may be afraid of recovery because they are afraid of “failing,” or relapsing. While 40-60% of people who receive substance use disorder treatment will relapse, it’s important to recognize that relapsing is not a sign of failure, but rather a learning opportunity you can use to help you stay sober in the future. In other words, just because you relapse does not mean you are doomed to struggle with addiction for the rest of your life. You can still heal, grow, and learn healthy coping strategies to maintain long-lasting sobriety. 

  1. Fear of Sobriety

Finally, many people fear what their life will be like once they are sober. Some individuals abuse drugs or alcohol to cope and escape certain unpleasant thoughts, feelings, or trauma from their past. Therefore, many people struggling with addiction fear that they won’t be able to cope with those unpleasant thoughts and feelings anymore if they aren’t able to drink or abuse drugs. 

However, it’s important to realize that there are so many healthy coping strategies you can use. Whether it’s hiking, journaling, or spending quality time with a loved one, there are a wide variety of activities you can do to cope with negative feelings rather than turning to drugs.

Break Free of Addiction Once and For All

Fear in recovery is normal; however, you should not let your fear of sobriety rob you of living the healthier, happier life you deserve. Additionally, you should never feel too ashamed or afraid to ask for help when it comes to breaking free of addiction and regaining control of your quality of life.At Terra Nova’s drug rehab in Prescott, our compassionate team of addiction specialists is here to help you every step of the way on your road to recovery. We offer inpatient and outpatient treatment services so you can receive the best possible care for your recovery needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you on your road to recovery.

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