When is Detox Needed?

When is Detox Needed?

When an individual asks when or if detox is needed, it’s typically a safe bet to assume it is. However, many individuals are unfamiliar with what the detox process entails and the necessary support for individuals going through substance detox. While many feel they can stick it out and do it independently, this is not always the case.

At Terra Nova Treatment, we offer comprehensive drug detox programs in Prescott that support individual progress toward sobriety goals in a mentally and physically healthy way. 

Speak with a Terra Nova Treatment representative today to learn more about how we support our clients through drug detox.

What is Detox?

Detox is the process of allowing the body to filter out the unnecessary substances within. It can be as benign as caffeine or sugar or as complex as opioids and alcohol. The process is similar. By eliminating the substance from the individual’s daily diet or habits, the body slowly starts to remove the build-up of the foreign or toxic substance. As the body does this, an individual may feel differently and even unwell; this is called withdrawal. 

The physical symptoms of withdrawal during detoxification are directly related to the severity of the addiction and the type of substance an individual is detoxing from. While caffeine might only cause a headache and maybe some lethargy, illegal substances like heroin or methamphetamines may cause severe withdrawal symptoms like hallucinations, flu-like symptoms, seizures, or worse.

When an individual detoxes their body, the body’s tolerance to the substance is slowly decreased. Therefore, if an individual lapses and ingests some of the substance, they will react more severely.

What Does the Drug Detox Process Entail?

The drug detox process is complex and is often a significant struggle for many individuals. Each substance has its own timeline and likely immediate symptoms, as well as long-term symptoms that may make managing recovery even more difficult.

Opioid painkillers are one of the most common substances that individuals need to detox from. The detox process of opioids can start in as few as 4 hours or, for long-lasting medications, as many as 36 hours. However, by the 72-hour mark, individuals can expect to feel lethargic and experience muscle pain, vomiting, cravings, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. These symptoms typically clear within ten days, but the cravings, anxiety, and depression can last for months if not properly managed.

Stimulants, or uppers, have a different process. Individuals detoxing stimulants will feel an immediate crash within the first day. They can expect to experience depression, a decline in focus, exhaustion, mood swings, and difficulty sleeping. Over the first month of detox, individuals will slowly regain normalcy in sleeping, appetite, and cognitive functions. However, individuals can expect to experience anxiety, cravings, depression, and mood swings for half a year following detoxification.

Individuals also frequently need to detox due to alcohol addiction. The effects of alcohol addiction are typically onset within a few hours after their last drink. These mild symptoms include headaches, insomnia, and nausea. However, an individual may become increasingly ill over the following 2-8 days. Moderate to severe alcohol addiction can cause seizures during the withdrawal process. Individuals may experience high temperatures, hallucinations, and confusion. The long-lasting effects of alcohol addiction typically include cravings, depression and anxiety, and several organ diseases.

When is Drug Detox Needed?

Drug detox is needed before an individual enters substance treatment. It is an essential component that opens the individual up to accepting the recovery process, supports their focus on recovery goals, and guides their progress toward sobriety. That being said, many individuals can detox safely at home under the care of a medical professional before entering treatment. Individuals undergoing detox should continuously be monitored for their safety and the safety of others.

A drug detox facility offers opportunities for specific sub-categories of individuals to get support through the detox process and help manage their withdrawal symptoms. Detox facilities are necessary for individuals who do not have a home support system, those who have previously relapsed, those with a moderate to severe substance use disorder, addicted mothers who are expecting, and those with comorbid mental health disorders.

Terra Nova Treatment Offers Comprehensive Drug Detox in Arizona

At our drug detox center in Arizona we offer comprehensive treatment for substance abuse starting with drug detox. Our program focuses on supporting individuals through every stage of the recovery journey and providing clients with individualized goals to work towards. 

We believe in the power of unique therapies to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to recovery. By combining traditional addiction treatments with modern mental health supports, our clients have progressive treatment opportunities with our highly qualified staff members.Terra Nova is a luxury drug rehab in Arizona. To learn more about our comprehensive drug detox program, speak with an admissions coordinator at Terra Nova Treatment today.

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